What Decking is as Good as Trex?

Don’t know from when Trex becomes a synonym of good quality of decking.

Honestly, decking produced by Trex really enjoys high quality, and that is why is it widely used and chosen by many users even with non-economical prices. As a composite decking manufacture and supplier here in China, we greatly appreciate and proud of that we have TREX in this industry.

After so many years of development in the wood plastic composite industry, especially in past 10 years, there springs out a lot of wpc suppliers. So people feel very confused when choose the decking.

It’s common that each supplier would say they are supplying the excellent quality decking in the world. For such, we summarize some tips for you as below:

1/ Say NO to the flaunted best. Any supplier who say they have the best decking in the world, then you can neglect it;

2/ Say NO to the care-free. No professional supplier would say the wpc decking needs no maintenance, because it indeed needs, but just ultra-low maintenance;

3/ Say NO to the lowest price. It really has certain reasons that the decking is so cheap, unless the supplier goes bankrupt;

3/ Say NO to decades of warranty. We all know that fading is inevitable, cracks would happen after decades of use, all such long warranty is just the promotional method;

4/ Solid is always better than square or round hole ones, no matter if the hollow is the so-call high technological material or not;

5/ There is no the 3rd generation decking! Up to now(Aug-2022), there are only the 1st , 1.5th and the 2nd generation decking, which is accepted by professional and real wpc supplier industry.

All in all, if you still don’t know how to distinguish, you can also contact us, we’ll provide you object suggestion.


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