If it gets marked or damaged, then the scratch can be softened and blended back into the deck using either Danish or Tung Oil. Please see our for more details.

Q. Can I cut a Forestar board?

Forestar products can be ripped only to reduce width. Please be very careful when fastening ripped boards and refer to our Installation Guides.

Q. Can I use glue or caulk with it?

No. Please do not use any glue to fasten or seal between Forestar boards. This application will damage the performance of plank, such as its drainage system and natural expansion.

Q. Does Forestar product moldy retardant?

Forestar product is mildew resistance, however, mold and mildew may adhere to dirt or dust on the surface of the board if it not stored or applied correctly. We recommend to clean it quickly with proper power. In a word, please do not exposed boards to high moisture or sweet environment and keep it dry and clean as best as you can.

Q. Will Forestar product fade over time?

Yes. Almost everything will fade over time when exposed to sunlight and other weather conditions. Forestar product is added high quality UV-inhibiting pigments and made from hardwood fibers in order to minimize the fading (softwood fades far more than hardwood), but there will still be some visible fade over first few months(the speed and degree of this fading depend on actual weather conditions) giving a more textured appearance. As with any timber based product, some fade will occur but the plastic content holds its colour. Any initial colour difference between boards is due to the natural colour variance in the wood fibers and once weathered, the boards will all be similar colour tone.

Q. Is it suitable to be used around pools and seaside?

Of course. Forestar product does not absorb water, which makes it an ideal solution for area near water. Also, it can be used in marine environments since salt has no effect on it. Additionally, burring-free is a big plus for Forestar product, which can protect your bare foot.

Q. Does Forestar product fire resistant?

Forestar product is of unique and higher-cost formulation, and the best fire resistant rate we can carry is the B1. Unlike wood, it is not easily to be ignited due to its solid product with no air pockets inside, but once it catch fire, if the fire source is removed from, it will self-extinguish very quickly and will not drip molten material like plastic does.

Q. Can I paint or stain Forestar product?

Yes, but not required. Because Forestar product is very low maintenance product and not required to painting or staining. Stains and paint are just adhere to the surface of our boards, and you may need to re-painting them periodically just like wood does if you still want to stain.

Q. What is the composition of Forestar product?

Forestar product is wood plastic composites, made from a unique blend of recycled wood powder and plastics, combines with highly advanced manufacturing process. Forestar product is a special combination of approximately 60% hardwood fibers, almost 30% polypropylene, and the rest 10% contains high quality pigments and some other additives such as UV stability, mildew and fire resistance.

Forestar products has an appearance that is very similar to wood and works as perfect alternative to wood, but not substitute.

Q. What will happen to Forestar product when temperature changes?

Forestar product will expand slightly with greatly temperature changes, especially when on the very hot day with a blazing sun. Forestar product, however, is applied unique formulations to minimize the effect from heat build-up. And there will be no big problems if you follow our .

Q. Can it be Scratched?

Forestar product is very tough and therefore, difficult to be scratched or damaged under normal circumstances.

Q. Does it become slippery when wet?

As with the majority of flooring products, Forestar product will lose some slip resistance when wet, but it still meets the minimum “low potential for slip” requirement as set by the HSE. In order to maintain adequate slip resistance, it is important to keep your boards clean and free from debris.

Q. Will it fail if snow melts and then freezes?

If Forestar product has been installed as mentioned in the Installation and Maintenance Guide, most of melt off will flow away rather than freeze. However, we recommend to use rock salt or calcium chloride for ice or snow removal. These may only leave white residue, but it can be cleaned easily by mild soap or rinsing with water.

Q. Can it be curved?

Forestar product can be heated up and bent, but Forestar cannot guarantee the performance of such application, and assumes no responsibility for it. We recommend such kind of design and work should be reviewed and operated by engineer or licensed installer.


Q. How to repair if Forestar product gets damaged?

If it gets marked or damaged, then the scratch can be softened and blended back into the deck using either Danish or Tung Oil. Please see our                                                    for more details.

Q. What is the normal life span of it?

Forestar product applies advanced material design that prevent against cracking, rotting, peeling, insects damaging etc. With proper and recommended care, it will provide rather long years of good performance. You can refer to for details.

Q. How to clean the board?

For normal wash, you just need to clean it with water and warm soapy water if necessary. When comes deep wash, the most efficient way is to use water by sponge or soft brush and even a power washer with the pressure no more than 1500psi applied by professional cleaner. For further information, please find our .

Q. Is it free of maintenance?

No. Forestar product is in very low maintenance but not free from care. You don’t need sand, oil, stain or spray for insects, but normal cleaning & care may need.


Q. Why it is more expensive than softwood?

Due to the excellent performance of the WPC(wood plastic composite) material itself and the very low cost or almost free in maintenance, the life cycle cost of Forestar product is considerably less than softwood. The price, to some degree, is not higher compared to softwood. Additionally, softwood decking is often warped, contains knots and is inconsistent in density, Forestar product is an ideal alternative product.

Q. Will you provide me a sample of Forestar product?

Absolutely! We will be able to send you samples in any of our standard colours, sometimes postage may be charged.

Q. Can I get lengths other than those listed on the price list?

Of course. Standard length in the market are: 2.2M ( to fit the width of container), 3.66M (12’), 4.88M(16’), 5.9M (to fit the length of container).   Other length are also available but extra cost will be charged. 


Q. Can I screw it like what you do with wood?

Yes. Forestar product can take screws just like the way of the wood and it also has better screw retention than wood. It’s just the type of the screw required for each product may varies, so you need to follow the .

Q. How to build the sub structure?

The most affordable option (applicable to free draining, relatively dry conditions only) is to use treated softwood. Although softwood substructure will become slimy/moldy easily over time, this is normally acceptable as it is not seen. We can also provide a composite substructure profile which is useful in wet conditions or areas with low air circulation. In particularly damp conditions where the deck is over 1 meter off the ground, we recommend the use of galvanized steel box section beams / hard wood structure or other stronger structure. 

Q. What kind of fasteners should be used with Forestar product?

Forestar product should be fastened by using approved and standard fixing systems. Normally, stainless steel fixings are high recommended.

Q. What kind of effect will be on installation giving different weather conditions?

Forestar product can adapt to various weather conditions. It will shrink in hot and expand in cold when installed. We recommend to put boards in the working spot 48 hrs before installation so as to make it’s adaptation to the weather.

Q. Do I have to drilling before installation?

You need to pre-drill in just a few instances. For example, when you install the deck, you need do drill in the deck covering area for adapting plastic expansion bolt.

Q. Will I need special tools during installation?

No. Just normal tools are enough, special woodworking equipment is not required.

Q. Can I use Forestar product for load bearing applications?

It is not recommended to use Forestar product in structural applications although it can be used, it’s a job best left to a structural engineer to design any load bearing structures.

Q. Can I use a router on Forestar product?

Yes. You may use a router if you are installing a solid profile.