Here in Spoga, which held in German Cologne from 19th to 21st June, 2022.

During past more than 2 years of pandemic, we’ve never stopped developing new products, so we are counting the days to bring these new and fantastic products to our customers, and to the international market. And the day, finally comes.

With our popular cladding and new capped decking as the booth’s background wall, we want to exhibit a high and modern ambience to everyone who comes to our booth.

In the 3-day exhibition, we’ve welcomed more than 100 customers, we were talking about what our products can brings to their business, we were discussing next steps for our following partnership... ...

Due to the covid reason, our full sales teams fail to make there, so we greatly appreciate some customers are so nice to wait there for a talk, and we are also terribly sorry about this, but we believe our team will meet all of our friends soon, it’s a start for Spoga 2022, see you next stop!


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