Born with green

Produced applying both post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials with a maximum reclaimed components of up to 90% by weight.
Forestar product is formaldehyde-Free and other toxic substances.

Just as put, recycled contents take up to 90% in our product, as a result, We never have to cut down a tree for production. Additionally, we also devote ourselves to landfill reduction since most of material we used are recycled wood and reclaimed plastic film like milk jugs, detergent bottles, waste construction debris, food packaging waste, grocery bags and so on(see details as below)
Forestar product is made from:
◆approximately 60% hardwood fibers
◆almost 30% polypropylene or polyethylene
◆the rest 10% contains pigments, UV stability, mildew and fire resistance etc.
◆ The percentage of each content may vary a little depending on different types of products.
◆ All materials are non-toxic chemicals and preservatives, polypropylene or polyethylene is the only added plastic.

Green throughout processing

Our sustainable supply chain helps to save energy and resources everyday. In addition, all production waste produced during manufacture is reclaimed into new products.

Thanks to our closed-loop water system, water discharge is reduced in large degree by reuse hundreds of gallons of water in our daily production process.
As the composite materials are also recyclable, all solid production waste in our facilities is recycled.
Besides that, we normally practice minimal while effective packaging, which means no any unnecessary paper or plastic wrappings.
Making green throughout manufacturing means always considering how we can use every resource more efficiently, and getting closer to our goal of making the best use of every resource.

Being green is our DNA

Due to the unique components and processing of Forestar product, it is durable and can be 100% recycled.

Worked as an ideal alternative to wood, Forestar product can be widely used in household and commercial environment. The reason comes from following 2 aspects:
For one thing, Forestar products are sustainable and are built to last and provide durable performance year after year;
For the other thing, Forestar product enjoys low maintenance, easy installment system, as well as remarkable advantages both in performance and appearance when compared to wood. So your choice for Forestar product is the equivalent of money and time saving.

Green never stops

Is there anything else we still can do for the planet? That is a question every Forestar people holds every day.

Think Green is not a slogan, but a belief that every Forestar people believes in. It is not enough to pay attention to sustainability for just a single day, but need to make it a core of every part of our work and lives. In past more than 10 years, we have done whatever we can to save energy, reduce emissions, and make the best use of every resource, but we will never stop here.
Much more will be input to innovate our state-of-art in terms of recycling. Apart from that, more efforts will be made to strengthen our Enterprise Technology Center by working together with more universities and technical institutes in coming years.
In a word, Forestar will never stop to provide more comfortable space to our customers and help to protect our beautiful, blue home.