Wider Boards, Broader Space

As we all know, the most common width of decking in the market are normally 136mm, 147mm or 150mm, what we always do is not to follow the market trend, but to lead the market. Therefore, we launch two types of wider boards, which are good options for various locations, especially for broad space.

One is the 3D wood grain decking, like our other deep embossed decking, its wood grain comes from pressure print rather than thermo print, which enables the wood grain to stay at least 8-10 years and offer natural sense of wood touch & perception.

The other kind is the wider capped dual color decking, with cool width, dual colors, 360°high polymer shield... all of these elements come together, then offer a kind of deluxe atmosphere. Besides, the long service life of the decking will make every penny of your money valuable, which explains well you get what you pay off.


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