WPC Fencing - Surround yourself with strength and beauty.

Extend the experience to your whole backyard. Nothing frames your space more beautifully than Forestar composite fencing.

DIY Fencing is a new product in 2013 of FORESTAR’s products range,  comparing to fencing made from other material, WPC DIY fencing have so much advantage and come to be a landmark of trade. 

 *Aluminum post, perfect appearance and strength, allows right-angled fencing installation. 

 *Aluminum top/ bottom rail, connected to post with Stainless steel L bracket; a   metal frame will make sure the stability of the whole structure. 

*Groove and tongue structure for WPC board, make all boards a completed screen against bending/ curving.  

* Easy installation,  less screwing, Pre- drill at all screwing points. 

 *WPC board several color available,  color mixing available,  Aluminum board/  Plexiglass board optional. 

* Different height and width available. 


FORESTAR DIY Fencing offers different style for your choice.

Lots of ideas / packages  were added into the range to give our customers a specific fence in their yard. 

 -Free 3 Ways

3 way posts allowed the fencing to  be free direction.

- Aluminum slats style      

Adding extra Aluminum Deco-slats to create a special fence. 

 -Flower pot system 

With  same structure, we are able to offer a flowery fencing.

Below you can find main components of the fencing system.  

  150x20xL (Visual dimension)

* POST 3 WAYS Aluminum
* STRIP Aluminum (2)

* CAP ABS (6)

* BOTTOM RAIL Aluminum(5)

* Deco Slats Aluminum (7)

* TOP RAIL Aluminum(4)
* L connection Steel