CE Certification

This testing report contains CE certification of our products, which proved that that the product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives. CE certification is very important for Euro market and is asked compulsory in some countries ( Poland for example) for customs clearance.


CNAS Report

This is a Chinese version Report from which you can find main physical feature of decking material and you will see a comparison of our testing result vs. national standard.


ROHS Report by TUV

ROHS is Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive for short. This is testing declare that FORESTAR products didn’t contain harmful material and elements and can meet EU stand of environment protection.



ASTM, known as American Society for Testing and Materials, using a consensus process, supports thousands of volunteer technical committees, which draw their members from around the world and collectively develop and maintain more than 12,000 standards .

This testing is based on Testing method for WPC products from ASTM, it contains various testing programs and is official and important reference for the products.


SGS Report Anti UV

SGS is one of the most famous inspection organization all over the world, this testing report which come from SGS makes comparison of physical feature and color difference before/ after Xenon -arc Exposure. From this report, you will see our products have a great feature of anti-UV and anti-fading.


MIC Factory Inspection report by SGS

This report come from MADE IN CHINA and SGS. It’s actually a factory inspection report of what contains basic information of FORESTAR factory.